" Dedicated to On-Time Delivery of Quality Pre-fabricated Piping Systems to Customer Requirements".

WORD INDUSTRIES Piping fabrication


Management Team

The management at WIF provides over two hundred and fifty years of knowledge and experience in pipe spool fabrication affecting the capability of producing on time delivery of high quality pre-fabricated piping and related products.

Pipe conveying

A WIF in house design of a pipe conveyor system provides a faster and safer method of transporting raw pipe to the pipe cutting equipment.

Articulating Jib Cranes

Located at work stations and equipped with mechanized lifting devices renders WIF the capability to decrease product cycle time, increase safety, and reduces worker fatigue.

Overhead Bridge Cranes

This equipment provides WIF the capability to reduce product cycle time and increase throughput. Material flow through shop.

Automated and Robotic Welding

Gives WIF the capability of obtaining high weld deposition rates and effective on arc time.

The Elimination of Production Bottle Necks

WIF has the capability to eliminate bottlenecks and therefore maximize the utilization of manpower and equipment. This is accomplished by a WIF produced proprietary man hour computer software program. The end result is maximum utilization of man power and equipment.

Special Handling Capabilities 

 Utilizing propriety equipment to load and off load pipe and prefabricated pipe at ground level, “The Claw” and “Safety Skid”  significantly lower product handling costs and increased safety. "The Claw" and "Safety Skid" are patented products of WIF. 

Engineering Capabilities

WIF is capable of receiving customer’s drawings and generating at lower cost  computer generated shop production detail working drawings, by employing customized computer aided engineering equipment.

Miscellaneous Value Added Capabilities- Blast and Paint – Stress Relieving

WIF owned Quality Assurance equipment owned by WIF, enables the company  to perform all non destructive testing,  including in process quality inspection to customer requirements.  All of the above results in capabilities increase production capacity and”Quality On Time Delivery”

Reduced Employee Turnover

WIF accomplishes this by providing a safe and healthy work place – satisfactory compensation – excellent benefits - in house training and mentoring –  and, the latest administrative and shop production work tools available..


 Tulsa, OK  

     UPDATE August  15,  2018

a  fast  and safe solution to moving prefabricated  pipe   - see below